When someone guest hosts 'SNL,' it's usually because they have something to promote. Even the great Paul Rudd doesn't host the show for no reason. The man has 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' coming out soon and he's got to keep the promotional train a'moving. Call this week's opening monologue a commercial if you want, but man, it's one heck of a commercial. Anything that lets us see Ron Burgundy's news team reunite to perform "Afternoon Delight" is worth the effort. Oh, and there's also that band One Direction because the kids like 'em.

The scene starts with an easy but funny gag. Rudd takes the stage saying that he's happy that he can host the show without being overshadowed by the musical guest, only for the five members of One Direction to assemble behind him. Seeing England's most popular boy band as a threat, he calls in his "man band": Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and David Koechner. What could be a bloody showdown between the two groups ends up being a joyous a cappella version of "Afternoon Delight," which Ron Burgundy and his team crooned back in the first 'Anchorman' movie.

So One Direction sang and the cast of the 'Anchorman' sequel sang and everyone was happy. Seriously, there's something in this one for everyone!

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