It's the kind of SNL sketch that's so of-the-moment that it's destined to not make sense to kids who watch it on a compilation set ten years from now. The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is skewered with such specificity that it's hard to imagine it being a classic down the road...but that doesn't  mean it isn't funny now.

The basic elements of the sketch will be familiar to anyone who watched or read about the debate: Romney rambles and rambles while Obama looks distracted and ready to fall asleep at the podium without putting up a fight. Naturally, the sketch reveals why Obama was so unprepared: he's forgotten that it's his anniversary and doesn't have a gift for Michelle. And that's before the altitude sickness kicks in.

SNL has never been afraid to get political, but they're definitely playing favorites this election (and to be fair, they most certainly played favorites in 2008 as well). What do you think of the show's election-centric sketches this year?