Neither NBC nor 'Saturday Night Live' would confirm (and no specific mention was made on the show last night) the departures of stars Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. But by all accounts, last night's Mick Jagger-hosted episode acting as a send-off for the long-time vets. For his last Digital Short, Samberg took it back to where it began with a sequel to the mega-hit "Lazy Sunday."

Instead of watching 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' this time Parns and Young Sandwich (Samberg) were off to a matinee of 'Sister Act' on Broadway. Along the way, they drank mimosas at brunch and ate eggs benedict because they're less calories.

Samberg references the original with a few jokes, saying he's still "waiting on a check from YouTube" and has this to say in regards to leaving 'SNL': "On these New York streets I hone my fake rap penmanship / That’s how it began, and that’s how I’m-a finish it.”

It's with those words, the short ends and, based on that line it appears, Samberg's career on 'Saturday Night Live.' It was a fitting way to go out.  You can watch the latest (and last) 'SNL' Digital Short "Lazy Sunday 2" below.