On one level, 'SNL' should probably be ashamed of itself for being months late to parodying the infamous "What Does the Fox Say?" music video. After all, countless more timely comedy institutions got their riffs on this one out of the way ages ago. However, if anyone is going to have the final word on this memorable viral sensation, it should be 'SNL,' whose take is certainly more accurate and handsomely made than most of the competition.

Instead of pondering the sounds of the mysterious fox, 'SNL''s take on the song goes after a different animal all together. Well, and by animal, we mean "non-animal," because this is "What Does My Girl Say?" and it stars the ever reliable Jay Pharaoh as a man whose girlfriend (played by guest host Kerry Washington) catches him receiving text messages from another woman. Naturally, she doesn't take too kindly too this and Pharaoh reacts to the situation in song.

Like so many 'SNL' videos, this one bends over backwards to capture the look and feeling of the idea it's spoofing. The original music video was crammed full of so many odd little details that it's fun to see Pharaoh, his writers and his directors attempt to put their own touch on the material. Although it ultimately boils down to a bunch of "My Girlfriend Nags Me!" jokes, there's no denying that it's pretty funny and all-too-catchy.