The newest trailer for Sonic: Lost World highlights some of the multiplayer mode's features, and hints at something called the Deadly Six Edition.

Lost World will allows buddies to team up with each other in multiplayer cooperative play, letting one player control Sonic and the other control a color power form. Or, if you're competitive, you can race each other for bragging rights. You'll also get the chance to use shared Miiverse items during play, giving Sonic a boost whenever he needs it.

With the Deadly Six serving as the game's enemies, you'll need all the help you can get. Speaking of the villains, a version of the game called the Deadly Six Edition is teased at the end of trailer. The Deadly Six version will feature NiGHTs-themed stage and bosses, and some other mysterious content.

We'll update you as more information is made available. Until then, watch the trailer above and then let us know what you think of the multiplayer.