A new trailer for Sonic: Lost Word has come racing out onto the internet, giving Sonic fans a look at the Blue Blur's new powers. He'll need all the strength he can muster to defeat the Deadly Six!

The trailer shows us a few of Sonic's new powers, like the Eagle form which lets him fly around the air, zipping forward with ease. He can also turn into a swirling asteroid which looks like a small, blue planet, reminding us a bit of the old Sega Saturn logo.

Perhaps the strangest new power is the one that turns him into a musical note that can follow along a set path of notes, effectively turning Sonic: Lost World into a mini rhythm game.

Classic powers from Sonic Colors are also returning, giving Sonic the ability to morph into a laser, rocket and more. All of these powers will be available to our blue, hedgehog hero when the game comes out on Oct. 22 exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Watch the video above and share your thoughts on Sonic's new powers in the comments section below.