Trey Parker and Matt Stone, best known as the twisted geniuses behind 'South Park' and the Broadway smash 'The Book of Mormon,' are about to launch their greatest creation yet: their own production company, "Important Studios."

Or, if you prefer, The House that Mr. Hanky Built.

Important Studios is apparently the result of $300 million of revenue generated from 16 seasons of 'South Park' on Comedy Central, as well as the duo's 'Mormon' profits; they've also secured some funding from an investment bank. The goal is to create television, theater and movie projects from within (this will include the inevitable 'Book of Mormon' film adaptation).

In a press release, Parker and Stone summed up their motives on the new company as only they could: “Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves.”

Of course, what this signifies for the duo is the ability to deliver anything they want to their millions of fans; by bypassing larger studios and calling the shots themselves, Parker and Stone will be in complete control of their output. One can only imagine what this means for the unprepared world.

“We want to have a little control over our life,” Stone told The New York Times. “We used to walk into a studio and try to become an employee. We’re done with that. We are too grown up for that.”

It's a little hard to imagine Parker and Stone being "too grown up" for anything, but $300 million (and probably more) doesn't lie. You can read further details by clicking over to The NY Times.

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