The moment we knew that 'South Park' would be taking on the obese in wednesdays' latest episode "Raising the Bar," it was inevitable that hte long-running Comedy Central satire would find some way ot work in America's newest sweethearts, Honey Boo-Boo and her cringe-inducing TLC family.  But, with Eric Cartman the only big-boned character 'round these parts, how will Eric react to having the limelight shifted off of him?

This Wednesday will see 'South Park' setting its sights on the obesity epidemic, as Eric finally admits to his long-held weight problem, and rather than get in shape the portly 'Park'er decides to go for broke with a scooter.  We caught an earlier clip from Wednesday's all new episode, but why hide the good stuff?  Honey Boo-Boo is baout to make her official 'South Park' debut, and the mud is going to fly.

From the official episode description:

Cartman owns up to being fat and decides that driving around on a scooter is his right. Kyle sees that Cartman isn’t the only one who finds no shame in his unhealthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, Cartman discovers he has a rival in America’s Sweetheart, Honey Boo Boo.

Check out the second official clip from Wednesday's all-new 'South Park' "Raising the Bar" below, and tell us if you'll be watching in the comments!