'Spring Breakers' - the James Franco/Selena Gomez/Vanessa Hudgens crime drama - just premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is about to have its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this month. In anticipation of that, we have a new 'Spring Breakers' clip that gives us our first look at James Franco in action.

Early reviews on 'Spring Breakers' has been solid, though if you're looking forward to this film just to see Mses. Gomez and Hudgens in various states of undress, you might be let down. The highlight of the film seems to be the performance of James Franco, which The Playlist says in their review of the film, might be his best work yet.

In this 'Spring Breakers' clip, we're introduced to Alien, the gangster/wanna-be rapper who tries to coerce our spring breaking girls into murdering a rival. As The Playlist notes, Franco plays Alien as Matthew McConaughey by way of Lil Jon (with a look that's all Kevin Federline).

'Spring Breakers' doesn't yet have a release date but the film was just picked up by Annapurna Pictures ('The Master,' 'Lawless') and could very well hit theaters in early 2013. Check out the new 'Spring Breakers' clip below.