Stephen Colbert has begun rolling out his Late Show tenure slowly as leadup to the September 8 premiere, but on a week where eternal punchline Donald Trump at last announces an official bid for the presidency, any late-night host worth their salt would hit the gas. So, what does Colbert have to say of Trump’s potential presidential future?

Approximating an equally unwieldy hairstyle, Colbert jumped on the opportunity to parody Trump’s rambling candidacy speech, occasionally repeating the nonsense verbatim, but also making clear his intent to … start hosting Late Show in September exactly as planned. The announcement-announcement wasn’t without reverence for Trump himself:

I love Donald! He looked great on television. He looks like he fell into a river and he raked his body out of the surf down in Cape May three weeks from now, but the important thing is that the crabs have gotten to his eyes. That sends a message to voters.

Colbert’s parody follows a string of abstract videos paving the way toward the former Colbert Report host’s Late Show debut, including riffs on a theme song, and dispensing with the Colbeard. We’re guessing Colbert might have a more fully-formed vision of his Late Show comedic stylings by September, but Trump himself will surely keep us laughing all his own in the meantime.