If you've ever wondered why Steve Coogan broke through to American movies (often in lesser comedies), it wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with his character Alan Partridge. The character first appeared on BBC's radio and appeared in three TV shows: 'The Day Today' 'Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge' and 'I'm Alan Partridge.' It's worth getting familiar, because the character is coming to the big screen.

'Veep' creator Armando Iannucci confirmed as much to Empire, who said the working title is 'The Alan Partridge Movie.' Which fits with the obviousness of most of the other titles of the character's show.

Though mocking newscasters and interviewers is an old comic conceit, Coogan brought new life into the vacuous, self-obsessed and often hated Partridge. It's a signature role, and Coogan is brilliant in it.

Unfortunately, with a film like this - targeted for a 2013 release - it's hard to know if there will be enough interest for it to play domestically. Iannucci's American stock may be on the rise because of 'Veep,' but Coogan has had more success in supporting roles than as a lead stateside. Then again, comedy anglophiles are used to having to import a lot of the great shows that only in the last couple years started showing up on BBC America and Cartoon Network.

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