Now here’s some absolutely heavenly news: we heard a while back that one of Steve McQueen’s upcoming projects is a big screen remake of the BBC miniseries Widows, about a group of women performing a major heist. While that project already sounds great on its own, it just got a little more exciting with the addition of Gone Girl author/screenwiter Gillian Flynn, who knows a thing or two about edgy, female-driven stories.

THR reports that Flynn will write the screenplay for Widows, based on the British miniseries, which was originally written by Lynda La Plante (known best for acclaimed miniseries Prime Suspect). Widows follows a quartet of armed robbers who are killed during a major heist, inspiring their widows to come together to attempt to pull off the failed robbery themselves.

This past year has been a major one for Flynn, who collaborated with David Fincher to deliver one of 2014's best films with Gone Girl, based on her hit novel of the same name. Dark Places is her next novel to make the leap to the big screen with an upcoming film starring Charlize Theron. Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects, is set to become a miniseries with Mad Men vet Marti Noxon as the showrunner.

In addition to all of the above, Flynn is re-teaming with Fincher for the HBO series Utopia, as well as a Strangers on a Train remake, which also reunites the duo with Gone Girl star Ben Affleck.

McQueen himself is also juggling a few different projects since winning the Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave — along with Widows, he’s also working on his own HBO series called Codes of Conduct, as well as developing a biopic about Paul Robeson.

These are two of our most exciting voices in film right now, and to have them unite on an upcoming project is incredibly exciting. With Flynn’s sharp writing and McQueen’s impeccable directorial talents, Widows just became one of our most highly-anticipated films.

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