Every year, the non sports-inclined among us await the series granted a post-Super Bowl slot, and Stephen Colbert will make history in the process. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has landed a spot as the first late-night talk series to follow the Super Bowl, and with a live show at that.

CBS confirmed the news that February 7 would see Colbert taking his Late Show live for the post Super Bowl slot, following the game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The gig marks the first time a late-night talk show has been granted the honor, usually reserved for the network’s biggest primetime hits.

Following the live Late Show With Stephen Colbert, CBS will air news, then a special Super Bowl Sunday edition of The Late Late Show With James Corden. Said CBS of the decision:

It’s been a very big year in late night at CBS. We’re extremely proud of our two new late-night franchises, and we’re thrilled to give Stephen and James this big Super Bowl Sunday showcase.

No word on guests this far outside of February, but will the post-Super Bowl slot make for the highest-viewed Late Show ever? What special showcase should Colbert have to mark the occasion? Here’s Bruce Campbell as Stephen Colbert, for … reasons.

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