Nintendo pulled no punches during its E3 Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, dropping big first-party titles left and right, and giving Wii U owners hope for the future. While there were plenty of surprises along the way, the best news was the inclusion of multiplayer for the first time in a 3D Mario game.

Due out this December, Super Mario 3D World brings Mario back, and this time he's brought a few friends. Luigi, Peach, and Toad will be along for the ride, which looks like an absolute blast based on the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Wii U game.

It appears Mario will have a few new tricks up his sleeve as well. There's a cat suit, which allows Mario to climb up walls. Each character in the game will get one, too, which should make for some interesting platforming. There will be some GamePad functionality for assistance, but that could also be a Wii controller being pointed at the screen rather than held sideways.

Nintendo didn't rock any boats, but it sure delivered on just about everything its loyal fanbase desired. What do you think of the new Super Mario 3D World?