Indie filmmaker David Gordon Green has been churning out studio comedies for the last several years (with varied success), but his next project promises something we haven't seen from the director before - a horror remake - and it looks like he's finally found some financial backing and filming is set to begin later this year.

Green earned praise for his smaller efforts like 'All the Real Girls' and 'George Washington,' but it was the stoner comedy 'Pineapple Express' that gave him mainstream success, which he followed up with 'Your Highness' and most recently, 'The Sitter.'

For years Green has been working on something a little different, though -- a remake of the Dario Argento Italian horror classic 'Suspiria.' The film centers on a young woman named Suzie (played in the original by the beautiful Jessica Harper) who travels to a ballet academy only to discover some sinister, cultish activity.

Deadline reports that Green has found backing for the remake, which he co-wrote with Chris Gebert, courtesy of Crime Scene Pictures. The studio joins with Memo Films and Luco Guadagnino ('I Am Love') to finance and produce the film for Green. The film begins shooting this September and CAA will distribute the film domestically.

The original film is a dark, jarring, beautifully shot mood piece with an iconic score by Goblin. Green's experience with indie productions and his knack for cinematography promise an interesting result, at the very least. Worst case scenario: He casts Zooey Deschanel as Suzie, changes the ballet school to a folk music academy, and the whole soundtrack is M. Ward covers of 70s rock classics.