2013 SXSW Film Festival

‘Short Term 12′ Review
There's an old expression about how all great art comes from suffering. Writer/director Destin Cretton may not agree with that statement, but his new film 'Short Term 12' is a great testament to it. It is set in a group home for troubled teens, where kids who have been discarded by life are saved an…
‘You’re Next’ Review
Watching Hollywood's endless parade of genre remakes, sequels and ripoffs can get pretty discouraging -- enough to convince you there's no undiscovered country left out there; that it's all been done before and filmmakers will keep repeating themselves over and over again until the end of time. Than…
'The Lords of Salem' Review
'The Lords of Salem,' Rob Zombie's long-awaited (though not so highly anticipated) follow-up to 'H2' shows a director who desperately wants to prove he's matured visually, but the results are unsurprisingly derivative.
'Spring Breakers' Review
James Franco might not be the best actor working in movies today, but he's almost certainly the most fearless. His choices are as unpredictable as they are gutsy. He'll try just about anything: television dramas ('Freaks & Geeks'), soap operas ('General Hospital'), comedies ('Pineapple Express')…
‘The East’ Review
Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij return with a mainstream follow-up to last year's 'Sound of My Voice' with 'The East,' a tale of eco-terrorism that's less aggressive than it desires to be.
‘Milo’ Review
A man's stress manifests itself in the form of a vicious, spiteful butt-demon (yep, really) in the horror comedy 'Milo,' and although it's packed with a fantastic cast, it doesn't quite stick the landing.
‘Zero Charisma’ Review
Scott Weidemeyer (Sam Eidson) is an antisocial curmudgeon who lives with his grandmother and spends his entire week looking forward to that one night when he plays Dungeons & Dragons with his four nerd buddies. For a powerless guy like Scott, who works as a donut store delivery boy, D&D is t…
‘Hours’ Review
Paul Walker stars in 'Hours,' a surprisingly safe and generic tale of a man who finds himself trapped in a hospital with his newborn infant daughter during and after Hurricane Katrina.

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