Andrea Arnold

‘American Honey’ Star Sasha Lane on Realism, Sketchy People
What makes American Honey so effective is the cast of mostly unknown, amateur stars, including the film’s magnetic lead, Sasha Lane. Despite having no acting experience, Lane comes off like a pro; her chemistry with co-star Shia LaBeouf feels tangible, and there’s an effortless quality to the way she conveys emotion without saying anything at all. We spoke with Lane in Austin ahead of the film’s premiere at Fantastic Fest, where she was just as lovely in person as she is on screen.
‘American Honey’ Review: An Intimate Trip Through the Wild Midwest
Imagine if Larry Clark was a woman, capable of depicting the inner lives of disenfranchised youth with all the psychic nuance and sensitivity estrogen could provide. Imagine a road trip through Middle America as presented by Claire Denis; now imagine that the brutal emotional intensity and distinct feeling of dread remain intact, while the threat of grotesque acts of violence lurk on the periphery, merely imagined and never realized. If you can imagine that, you might come close to approximating the experience of watching American Honey, the latest stumbling-of-age drama from Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold.