Ashley Judd

Harvey Weinstein Takes Leave From Weinstein Co.
Today, The New York Times published an exposé detailing numerous sexual assault and harassment allegations leveled against Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax and The Weinstein Co. Although Weinstein disputes the allegations, which date back decades, he has announced his intention to take a…
'Twin Peaks' Revival Drops Insane 217-Member Cast List
Hey, so remember when Showtime would only ever officially confirm Kyle MacLachlan among its Twin Peaks revival cast, despite the myriad of casting leaks over the last few months? Get ready for the opposite problem, as the official 2017 Twin Peaks cast lists off a whopping 217 members, previously una…
‘Missing’ Review: “A Busy Solitude”
Last week 'Missing' ended with Becca, Giancarlo, and Miller discovering Paul's secret hideout -- a cabin armed with a bomb. Is Paul trying to help Becca, or is this another elaborate trap? Back at the estate, Michael is still planning his escape with Oksana.
‘Missing’ Review: “Tell Me No Lies”
This week's episode of 'Missing' continues the hit and miss pattern, but this time around we get a welcome -- albeit predictable -- twist in an episode-long game of cat-and-mouse interspersed with (mostly) weak flashbacks.
‘Missing’ Review: “Ice Queen”
When we last left renegade mother Becca Winstone, she was watching her son Michael get dragged away on a private plane. But Michael's captors have pulled one over on Becca, and when the authorities detain the plane, he's nowhere to be found.
‘Missing’ Recap: “The Hard Drive”
When we last left former agent and vigilante mother Becca Winstone, she'd been shot and left to die in a river after leading agents to the warehouse where her missing son Michael had previously been held. Never fear, readers -- it's only episode two of 'Missing,' and our loose ca…
‘Missing’ Recap: “Pilot”
For fans of 90s mystery thrillers starring Ashley Judd, 'Missing' seems like it should be magically nostalgic. Unfortunately, the plot -- like much of the action -- is thin and generic.