Colin Jost

SNL 'Weekend Update' Might Spin Off Half-Hour Series
It made sense of SNL stars Colin Jost and Michael Che to take Weekend Update out on the road for the election conventions, but now that we have a longer investment in political commentary, is it time to spin off the bit altogether? That’s the word on the street, as NBC is reportedly consideri…
SNL 'Weekend Update' Brings Kate McKinnon, Pokemon to RNC
Not that the Republican National Convention lacked for its own special breed of entertainment night after night, but the political arena at least managed to bring SNL out of summer break early. Watch Colin Jost and Michael Che bring Weekend Update to Cleveland with the requisite Pokémon GO sket…
Watch SNL's 'Weekend Update' Hosts Take on the RNC
SNL won’t return for Season 41 until at least September, but considering their comparatively light workloads, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che are ending their summer breaks early to take on the political conventions. Ahead of a more classic Weekend Update, however, watch as Jo…
SNL Sets 'Weekend Update' for Republican, Dem Conventions
No late-night comedians could easily resist the call of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and it looks like SNL will be getting in on the fun as well. Long before Season 42 hits NBC, Colin Jost and Michael Che will bring special editions of Weekend Update to MSNBC for both events.

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