Hardcore Henry

Weekend Box Office: ‘The Boss’ vs. ‘Batman v Superman’
In most of these Weekend Box Office Reports, it’s clear who the victor will be. Even when the early estimates are a little off and the numbers shift between now and Monday, the basic layout of the top 10 is generally pretty accurate. But this week is a real race and the top two films are neck and neck, and we won’t know who will actually win this thing until tomorrow. But right now, early estimates have Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy The Boss barely edging out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by less than $50,000. That’s crazy and, whether it actually claims the top spot tomorrow or not, very bad for Batman v Superman.
‘Hardcore Henry’ Review: First-Person Fiasco
Even as video games have become inherently more cinematic, almost all movies adapted from video games have resulted in pretty horrible movies. It’s an unfortunate curse for gamers worldwide. Somewhere along the way, these projects lose what made them special and become bland and generic...
‘Payday 2’ Tie-In Will Turn ‘Hardcore Henry’ Into Video Game
As for whether it’s the best or the worst, audiences’ mileage has varied wildly, but Hardcore Henry is certainly the most unusual action flick set for release this year. The upcoming thriller centers on a Six Million Dollar Man-type who awakens from the long sleep of death to find that cybernetic technology has granted him a second chance at life...
‘Hardcore Henry’ Trailer Delivers Intense First-Person POV
Hardcore Henry premiered at TIFF last fall under the title Hardcore, and swiftly inspired a bidding war over distribution rights for the innovative first-person POV action flick. Directed by Ilya Naishuller and executive-produced by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), Hardcore takes the concept of first-person shooter video games and transforms it into one relentless, action-packed and gnarly film that’s sure to draw comparisons to RoboCop.