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‘Landline’ Trailer: The Dream of the ’90s Is Still Alive
First things first: How did it take this long for someone to cast John Turturro as Jenny Slate’s dad?! Now that we’ve gotten that important business out of the way, let’s discuss the first trailer for Landline, which looks insanely good. Slate reunites with Obvious Child filmmaker Gillian Robespierre — and really, you don’t need much more of a sales pitch than that, but the trailer is still worth a watch (or two, or three…I may have a problem).
Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate Join Drew Pearce’s ‘Hotel Artemis’
Hotel Artemis just became even more exciting with the addition of four more fantastic cast members: Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate, Sterling K. Brown and Charlie Day have all signed on for the feature directorial debut from Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce. The quartet of stars join Jodie Foster, who headlines the sci-fi thriller that sounds a little like a futuristic version of the Continental in John Wick — except instead of a hotel for assassins, it’s an underground hospital.
‘The Polka King’ Review: Jack Black Strikes It Rich in A New Comedy
“Sometimes,” says self-made musical impresario Jan Lewan (Jack Black) in The Polka King, “to make money you have to spend money.” The problem with Jan is he didn’t spend money sometimes, he did it every time. Every get-rich quick scheme he ever hatched up in his Pennsylvania gift shop required more investment than potential profit. He sold his polka fans on a “premium Pope package,” a lavish vacation to Rome that included a private audience with the Pope. But Jan had no way to deliver on his promise, so he just showed up at the Vatican with a briefcase full of cash. He got his audience, and delighted his tour group. But his “premium” vacation surely cost him more than he made.
‘Landline’ Review: A Trip Back to the ’90s With Jenny Slate
Ah, the 1990s. That glorious decade of eyebrow rings, prepaid calling cards, and Blockbuster Video. Landline makes you nostalgic for that great time, when you could go to the movies without fear of a jerk in front of you checking their phone the entire time, like the jerk two rows in front of me during Landline. That lady really knew how to put the divide between then and now into stark relief.

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