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Adam Sandler Sang Some Really Filthy Songs in the NYC Subway
Today’s youth (and some adults — ugh, we’re so old) probably know Adam Sandler best from movies like Grown-Ups and his more recent Netflix releases. But some say they’ve heard whispers of a before time, when Adam Sandler was on SNL, and when he starred in movies that people really liked and that were actually released in theaters…they’ve even heard rumors that the ol’ Sandman once released comedic albums on mythical relics known as “cassette tapes” and “compact discs.” Children, everything you’ve heard is true.
Jimmy Fallon Gives Tearful 'Tonight Show' Goodbye to His Mother
Last week saw an unusual interruption in Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, as the host canceled a week’s worth of shows over a reported family emergency. Fallon’s mother Gloria had passed on November 4, for which the normally-goofy comedian returned Monday night with a heartfelt address of his most beloved audience member.
'SNL' Shot Melissa McCarthy's Easter 'Spicey' in LA
This past Saturday marked a major milestone for SNL with its first live coast-to-coast airing. Even Melissa McCarthy came out of warm-ups to resurrect her Sean Spicer impression, but did something seem … off about her presence? As SNL now confirms, McCarthy took part in a rare coast-to-coast effort.
Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘La La Land’-Inspired Globes Opening
The Golden Globes are underway, but if you missed the show’s big opening number, you can watch it right now, right here. Host Jimmy Fallon paid homage to one of this year’s big nominees, La La Land, with a musical number inspired by the film’s grand opening, where a whole bunch of people trapped in a Los Angeles traffic jam leap from their cars in a big song-and-dance routine. Fallon’s version, of course, included Stormtroopers from Star Wars, Game of Thrones jokes, and a whole lot more. Take a look:

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