John Hurt

Art House Theaters to Hold a Protest Screening of ‘1984’
While moviegoers tend to treat American cinema as existing outside the government channels we see in other countries, the truth is far more complex than that. The National Endowment for the Arts affects the industry in any number of ways: from directly supporting actors and playwrights in American t…
Joe Wright’s ‘Darkest Hour’ Has Release Date, New Cast
The future is looking brighter for Joe Wright fans: After Pan flopped in theaters and was labeled a disaster by critics (one could say it was panned), he directed an upcoming episode of Black Mirror, and how he’s back in the saddle again with Darkest Hour, which has just gotten a release date…
Guillermo del Toro Announces Black-and-White Indie Film
'Pacific Rim 2' is finally on the way for a 2017 release. While the first didn't do so well in the US, it killed overseas, proving that the world does want more Jaegers. But that doesn't mean director Guillermo del Toro can't squeeze in a smaller film before then.
'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Minisode
Just when you thought the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary simulcast of "The Day of the Doctor" was exciting enough with the return of David Tennant, yet another past 'Doctor Who' star returns in the first official minisode setting up the event, "…

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