John Lasseter

‘Toy Story 4’ Loses Director John Lasseter
Pixar}s creative chief John Lasseter, who has directed all three of the Toy Story movies so far, has stepped down as director of Toy Story 4. He revealed as much during Pixar’s presentation at D23 on Friday, where he also introduced the film’s new co-directors, Josh Cooley, who wrote and directed Riley’s First Date (and who was going to co-direct with Lasseter), and Jonas Rivera, who produced Up and Inside Out.
The Four Ingredients of Every Pixar Movie
Over 22 years, Pixar Animation Studios has released 17 movies (the 18th, Cars 3, opens in theaters in June) made by hundreds of artists and animators. Their stories feature princesses, monsters, ants, robots, superheroes, fish, and the embodiments of human emotions; their settings range from a child’s suburban bedroom to the rat-infested kitchen of a Parisian restaurant. But all of these movies, no matter what they’re about or who made them, all share a few common elements, principles the filmmakers at Pixar use to guide their work.
This Theory About the Origin of Pixar’s ‘Cars’ Will Blow Your Mind
Children’s entertainment is full of anthropomorphized objects and animals. To kids, talking automobiles are no more or less strange than babies who are bosses or teenage turtles who get mutated into ninja warriors. But to the parents and adults who watch the Cars movies with these children, their internal logic and rules are a source of endless fascination.
Could a Pixar/Marvel Movie Happen?
When it was first announced that Disney was purchasing Marvel, the minds of many fans leapt immediately to the possibility of a Disney-Pixar animated Marvel movie. We're sorta getting that in November with 'Big Hero 6' but as that movie approaches, it's become very clear that it's not really much of Marvel movie at all, other than being loosely based on the obscure 90s comic. What fans really want to know is if we'll ever see a Disney or Pixar animated movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. John Lasseter, who runs both Disney Animation and Pixar, has your answer: no.