Marc Guggenheim

'Arrow' Getting New Showrunner in Season 7
Just as Arrow Season 6 jettisoned Oliver’s flashbacks, so too will Season 7 make another foundational change. Series showrunners Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle are apparently stepping back, and will be replaced by a longtime voice from the writers’ room.
Why 'Arrow' Was Allowed to Use Deathstroke Again
Arrow will keep Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke around for a major arc in Season 6, though it’s worth remembering the character was off-limits for some time. Now, producers reveals how Deathstroke’s return was greenlit, and what to expect from a two-part Slade episode in Season 6.
'Arrow' Season 6 Premiere Will Feature Flashbacks
Arrow Season 5’s finale return to “Lian Yu” definitively caught up with the five-year flashbacks begun by the pilot, but left its own major gap to fill. Even so, Season 6 may not be done with its trips to the past, as executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases at least one more f…

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