Max Steel

‘Max Steel’ Movie Gets Slapped with a PG-13 Rating
Max Steel is the superhero movie that nobody was clamoring for or even expected, and yet, here it is, coming to the multiplex this October. Unfortunately, the film isn’t getting the kid-friendly PG rating Open Road was hoping for, and has instead been slapped with a hard PG-13.
New ‘Max Steel’ Trailer is Like a Young Adult Iron Man
Last week, the first trailer for Max Steel came as a complete surprise to, well, everyone. The live-action film adaptation of the Mattel-toy-turned-cartoon hasn’t exactly been in the press a whole lot since its first promotional images came out more than two years ago, but now it looks like s…
‘Max Steel’ Releases Its First Official Images
If you're above a certain age, chances are strong that 'Max Steel' won't register for you at all. And if you are below that certain age, chances are equally likely that you forgot this particular action hero existed at all. Originally a toy line created by Mattel and then an animated TV series and t…