Mike Colter

'Luke Cage' Says 'Defenders' Series Have One Secret Villain
We’ve known as far back as Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil that one Hand-y threat would connect us to Iron Fist and everything in between, but has someone been pulling The Defenders’ strings all along? That’s what Luke Cage star Mike Colter says, claiming the same unseen villain has been manipulating all four series.
'Luke Cage' Season 2 Production Starts in June
Reports of Luke Cage Season 2 entering production seemed unusually sudden, especially so soon after The Defenders wrapped. Now, the man himself promises that Luke Cage will return to Harlem in a few months’ time, potentially pointing toward a 2018 premiere as well.
'Luke Cage' Season 2 Reportedly Casting for Production
The Defenders only had so long to rest up after production, as Jessica Jones immediately returned to work for a long-overdue second season. Less clear was when Daredevil Season 3 or Luke Cage Season 2 might shoot, but mounting evidence suggests that the latter is headed back to Harlem soon, and with a new villain in tow.
'Jessica Jones' Boss Talks 'Luke Cage' in Season 2
Marvel’s Luke Cage has officially struck out in his own series, but that hasn’t stopped Jessica Jones fans from wondering if Mike Colter’s Hero for Hire will end up hired back to Hell’s Kitchen. Luke and Jessica will at least reunite for The Defenders, while showrunner Melissa Rosenberg teases if Luke might have any role to play in Jessica Jones Season 2.

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