Mike Flanagan

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Trailer Brings Terror to Netflix
After terrifying audiences with last year’s Gerald’s Game, filmmaker Mike Flanagan has returned to Netflix for another horror adaptation starring Carla Gugino. The first trailer for The Haunting of Hill House has arrived, teasing Flanagan’s new series based on the beloved Shirley Jackson story of the same name. In addition to looking spooky AF, the series looks like a real bummer — but like, in a good way.
How ‘Gerald’s Game’ Is Connected to Stephen King’s Universe
It’s been a few days since Gerald’s Game hit Netflix, and if you’re reading this, that means you managed to avoid sustaining a severe injury from all the squirming and cringing you did during That Scene. Congrats! However, said squirming may have distracted you from a few interesting Easter eggs in Mike Flanagan’s surprisingly effective adaptation of Stephen King’s most seemingly unfilmable novel. Not only did Flanagan manage to sneak in a couple of references for hardcore King fans, but he also tossed in a couple from his own tales of terror.

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