Moonrise Kingdom

Box Office Update: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Breaks Records
In yesterday's Box Office Report, we brought you the news of 'Men in Black 3's disappointing weekend gross and wondered if a Memorial Day audience would rescue it. It's looking like Will Smith's grand return has officially landed with a thud. Sure, $70 million across four days may sound l…
‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Review
'Moonrise Kingdom' is the most Wes Anderson movie ever made. Only 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is less connected to reality, and that's just because foxes don't really talk. It takes place in an alternate universe nostalgic for a dozen different storybook childhoods, none of which ever existed, but are prese…
New Movie Releases – May 2012
We're getting the summer kicked off right with some action packed blockbusters and a new film from visionary director Wes Anderson in May. If you're looking for superheroes, aliens, or just a simple, pleasant comedy, we've got you covered.

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