The Boss

The Worst Movies of 2016
There were a lot of great movies in 2016. There were! Please don’t let this list convince you otherwise. The movies were absolutely wonderful this year. Just not these specific movies. These were bad. So, so, so bad. Just awful.
Weekend Box Office: ‘The Boss’ vs. ‘Batman v Superman’
In most of these Weekend Box Office Reports, it’s clear who the victor will be. Even when the early estimates are a little off and the numbers shift between now and Monday, the basic layout of the top 10 is generally pretty accurate. But this week is a real race and the top two films are neck and neck, and we won’t know who will actually win this thing until tomorrow. But right now, early estimates have Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy The Boss barely edging out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by less than $50,000. That’s crazy and, whether it actually claims the top spot tomorrow or not, very bad for Batman v Superman.
Bloopers in the Credits: The Best Way to Tell if a Comedy Stinks
The Boss is not a good comedy. At times, it is impressively unfunny. In 99 patience testing minutes, I laughed out loud just once. (If you must know, it was when Melissa McCarthy described her vagina after a rejuvenation surgery as resembling a “soft silk purse.” That’s funny!) As the credits finally rolled on the press screening and I gathered my belongings, I thought to myself “That was exactly the sort of cruddy, heavily improvised, flop-sweat drenched unfunny comedy that typically ends with outtakes and bloopers.”
‘The Boss’ Review: Melissa McCarthy Is All Business (and Few Laughs)
There’s a scene in The Boss where Melissa McCarthy’s character, a disgraced business mogul named Michelle Darnell, tries to rebuild her financial empire by going to a country club to woo potential investors. Her pitch goes badly, from both a practical perspective and a comedic one. Not realizing one of the investors’ wives is dead, she mocks her and calls her terrible names, and basically makes a fool out of herself. None of this is funny. The conversation goes on and on, fumbling for some kind of ending, until Michelle excuses herself and then suddenly and randomly falls down a flight of stairs. End of scene.
‘The Boss’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy’s Comedy Goes Red Band
If you weren’t quite sure what to make of The Boss after that green band trailer debuted, then maybe this new red band trailer will give you a better of idea of what Melissa McCarthy & Co. are up to in her latest comedy. Like the underwhelming Tammy before it, The Boss was also written by McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, and while that has us feeling a bit skeptical, there’s something that feels more lively about this film — or maybe it’s just all that profanity.