The House

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Despicable Me 3’ Opens Strong
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Edgar Wright fans: did the filmmaker’s action-packed Baby Driver score big with audiences? Or does this weekend belong to sequels, sequels, and more sequels? This weekend was always going to belong to Despicable Me 3— it’s a big hit with the kiddos, don’t you know— but there’s definitely some room for optimism in how the rest of the weekend Top 10 shook out. Here’s the numbers as of Sunday afternoon:
Will Ferrell Confirms Mariah Carey’s ‘House’ Horror Story
In a summer where most raunchy comedies seem to be flopping at the box office  —  Rough Night and Baywatch have certainly disappointed with their reviews and box office ratings — it looks like it might all come down to The House. The Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler comedy certainly has what it takes to win over fans; Ferrell and Poehler are both comedy stars in their own right, and the supporting cast features a mix of comedy veterans and rising stars who can and should sell every joke in the film.
Mariah Carey’s ‘The House’ Costar Says She Was Super Difficult To Work With
Celebrities, they can be picky. Maybe their contract requires all the yellow Skittles to be picked out of the candy dish, or that their dressing room has one specific brand of sparkling water at all times. I’ll never forget the story my mom would always recount about the time she worked with Barbra Streisand where the musician forbade the crew from making eye contact with her, including the cameraperson. (Dear Miss Streisand, please don’t sue my mom and I.) But the latest rumors surrounding a well known celeb and their on-set behavior point to Mariah Carey. According to an actor from the upcoming comedy The House, Carey wasn’t the easiest person to work with.
Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell Get Wasted in Red Band Trailer for ‘The House’
I’ve gotta admit, when I saw the first trailer for Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell’s new comedy I was sort of underwhelmed. I mean, obviously I will see anything involving these two comedic goldmines, but The House just looked kind of bland, and had me worried for another Baby Mama-esque misfire. But having watched the new Red Band trailer and laughing more than once, I’m kind of into it. Maybe I just needed a couple f-bombs from Ferrell and Poehler to secure interest.
‘The House’ Trailer: Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell Are Bad Parents
The first trailer for The House is about what you’d expect based on the plot description: Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell need to raise money to send their kid to college, so they start an illegal casino / underground fight club in their basement, various hijinks ensue, etc. It looks pleasant enough, and the combo of Poehler and Ferrell (with a handful of other funny people) should make for a solid comedy — though this one looks a bit safe, which is surprising considering that The House comes from the minds behind Neighbors.
Amy Poehler Joins 'The House' With Will Ferrell
Two of our most cherished comedic talents and former SNL stars are reuniting on the big screen: Amy Poehler will play hilarious wife to Will Ferrell’s hilarious husband in the upcoming gambling comedy The House. So if you’ve been ‘shipping the idea of these two crazy kids in a relationship with each other since their days on SNL, you’re about to have your wish granted, kind of.
Will Ferrell to Star in 'The House' for 'Neighbors' Writers
Since breaking out with their 2014 hit comedy Neighbors, writers Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien have been understandably busy. Up next is their new comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which reunites them with Neighbors star Zac Efron. In addition to that film, the pair are also working on The House, which plays in the same rowdy suburban territory as Neighbors, and has attracted the interest of comedy king Will Ferrell.