Top Gun

Library of Congress Enshrines ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Top Gun’ and Other Cinematic Masterpieces in National Film Registry
The United States government does a whole lot of unsavory things, things like starting wars on questionable grounds or defunding organizations that provide vital public services or playing it fast and loose with gun laws. But from time to time, the government also does wonderful things that make us very happy, and that is where the National Registry of Film comes in...
'Top Gun 2' Grabs a Writer from 'The Jungle Book'
The long-awaited 'Top Gun' sequel is feeling the need for speed ... again, and is finally picking up the pace as the project has seemingly found its writer: Justin Marks, the screenwriter behind Jon Favreau's 'The Jungle Book,' is in talks to write the screenplay for 'Top Gun 2,' which will put Tom Cruise back in the cockpit.
Tom Cruise Talks Claims He Invented Worldwide Premiere Tour
Listen, Tom Cruise, we don't doubt your power or your intellect or your marketing acumen. You are one of the world's biggest stars, and you have been for a very long time. But to claim, on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' no less, that you invented the worldwide movie premiere tour that so many big blockbusters still embark on is, well, it's questionable. We have no way of proving you wrong, though perhaps some aged publicist will come out against you, claiming that they invented it, but probably not, because you're Tom Cruise.