It looks like director David Yates may have found his 'Tarzan' in Alexander Skarsgard -- the 'True Blood' actor has emerged as the clear and victorious front-runner for the job of "guy who wears loin cloth and hangs out in trees."

Variety reports that out of the possible candidates for Warner Bros.' upcoming update on 'Tarzan,' Alexander Skarsgard is standing taller than the rest -- no, really, the guy is 6'4". David Yates, who helmed the last four 'Harry Potter' films for the studio, was looking at the WB roster of leading men (is there a catalog for this? Can we subscribe?), including 'Man of Steel's Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy of the upcoming 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' and Charlie Hunnam of Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim.' Skarsgard only recently found himself in the WB business with parts in 'Hidden' and the upcoming Viking epic, 'Vanguard.'

And out of those four, it seems Yates is most keen on Skarsgard to take on the iconic role of Tarzan in the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting next summer. Samuel L. Jackson might also star in the movie -- he's being eyed to play ex-mercenary George Washington Williams who teams up with Tarzan to investigate some drama in the Congo per Queen Victoria's request. The film takes place several years after Tarzan has been assimilated into society and is known as John Clayton III.