Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond are the three classic characters Hollywood won’t let die; they’ll likely be around in some form of storytelling decades after all of us are gone. So with Daniel Craig filming the latest 007 thriller and Holmes ready to return to PBS on Sunday, it’s time for Tarzan to swing back to theaters. We have details.

Heat Vision says Constantin Film has entered the casting stages on an updated Tarzan movie that will use performance-capture technology to bring the vintage jungle hero out in a 3D adventure.

The trade says that ‘Twilight’ co-star Kellan Lutz has signed on for the title role, and will be joined by ‘Resident Evil’ beauty Spencer Locke in the love interest role of Jane Porter.

Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe will co-direct the movie, which is making a few noticeable changes to Tarvan’s origin. For starters, the young boys parents will be killed in a plane crash, not marooned on an island with their son. And the villain will be the CEO of Greystoke Energies, who takes over Tarzan’s family company once his parents are out of the picture.

Shades of Tony Stark?

Lutz, obviously, wraps the ‘Twilight’ saga with ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ in November, while Locke has a part in Joseph Kahn’s ‘Detention’ opposite Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook. No word yet on whet Tarzan might be ready for his close-up, so stay tuned.

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