Hey, do you know the secret of Team Fortress 2's success? Is it the gameplay? Nope. The great characters? Maybe a little. While these things make up a lot of what is awesome about the game, the heart of Team Fortress 2 rests in its hats. And now that the first community-created update, Robotic Boogaloo, has gone live, there are even more hats in the game!

The first-ever update created entirely by community members adds 57 new items that are based on the types of hats that the game's third faction, the bots, would create. So now players can frag each other for the chance to get Mechanical Hats, either through drops, shopping, or crafting.

Unlike official updates from Valve, this one contains no additional maps, weapons, or game types and just focuses on the most coveted of Team Fortress 2 items, echoing the community's love of the stat-less hats that are nothing more than decorative items. Gotta' love it.

Watch the trailer for the update below and let us know if you've jumped into the game in order to get your own robot-crafted hats.