Adam Schumann isn’t doing so well. During his time serving as a soldier in Iraq, he had a sense of purpose and importance, but he’s currently struggling to adjust to life as a civilian. Nothing seems to matter quite as much as the death-defying work Adam did at the front, and he’s having a hard time finding someone who can relate to the specific, intense emotional pain he brought back with him. Memories of the atrocities of combat keep killing the mood when he tries to get intimate with his wife (Kaboom star Haley Bennett), he’s practically a stranger to his own daughter, and he can’t help but feel a bit purposeless on the home front.

Miles Teller must walk this lonely path as Adam in Thank You For Your Service, the debut directorial feature from American Sniper writer Jason Hall. Both films center on a blue-collar veteran who can’t acclimate to the tedium of domestic life, and take an accordingly sympathetic stance towards the global war on terror. But Thank You For Your Service (based on a non-fiction book about how veterans come home and bring the war with them) has one thing that American Sniper did not, and no, I don’t mean a real infant.

Apparently Amy Schumer will make a rare dramatic turn in this motion picture, though we don’t see a frame of her in the trailer. She’ll portray a soldier’s widow desperate to find out the circumstances of his death, though how her plotline intersects with Teller’s isn’t entirely clear. Point being, after Snatched, it may be wise for Schumer to try out something a little different. Thank You For Your Service marches into theaters on October 27.

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