Last we reported, Marc Webb looked like a goner from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' sequel. Sony said that he had a commitment to 20th Century Fox that would keep him out of the picture. Now Fox is saying they might give him some wiggle room, if he's willing to commit to a bigger deal.

The L.A. Times is reporting that Fox might let Webb direct the next Spider-Man if he agrees to a two-film contract. This comes across as really good chess (or poker), as it's hard to say if Sony was fully committed to Webb directing the next film as they already have a release date for the follow up (which is scheduled for May, 2, 2014), and had been talking about replacing him.  With twenty-one months until release, Sony has to make a decision shortly about this.

It looks like Webb is being leaned on heavily. On one hand directing the second Spider-Man film might be a positive (and he might get a contract-negotiated rise in salary), but as Sony's already said they're planning a trilogy that may mean he wouldn't be around for the conclusion (or future entries). And if he does take the sequel then Fox would have him under contract for multiple films, which could lead to a situation that is similar to what Edward Norton experience when he agreed to do 'The Score' so he could be in a movie with Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, only to be forced into 'The Italian Job.'