The Babadook’ is undoubtedly the scariest film of the year—not only that, but it’s also one of the best films of 2014, garnering acclaim from critics and audiences alike. The film, which is currently in theaters and on VOD, features a highly original and disturbing new movie monster in the titular and sinister Babadook. And just when you thought you were free of the terrifying monster, he’s back in a new animated Christmas greeting, to wish you a very chilling holiday.

Director Jennifer Kent has maintained that she will thankfully not be making a sequel to ‘The Babadook,’ but you can still enjoy (is “enjoy” the right word?) the creepy boogeyman in the brand new video above, titled “How the ‘dook Stole Christmas.” The Babadook provides some of his signature croaking in the eerie animated short, which you can totally send to your friends and loved ones as an e-card if you think they’re possibly getting a little too much sleep.

‘The Babadook’ made quite the impression this year on the festival circuit, and even more so now that it’s officially hit theaters. The film follows Amelia, a widowed mother who struggles to take care of her young, “out of control” son, Samuel. Samuel’s obsession with the monsters who haunt his dreams soon takes over the lives of both mother and son when a scary storybook titled “The Babadook” mysteriously arrives at their front door. Amelia finds it increasingly difficult to love and care for her son, who believes that the Babadook is the monster from his dreams, and that he’s come to kill both of them.

We loved the film when we saw it at Fantastic Fest back in September, comparing it to a female version of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining.’ If you haven’t made time to see ‘The Babadook’ yet, maybe this holiday greeting will help convince you.

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