Some new screens and details concerning The Sims 4 have seemingly been leaked. Will we be once again draining ourselves of sleep in order to live out the lives of our Simlish-speaking avatars?

According to AllGamesBeta, The Sims 4 will let you "create and control the most intelligent and relatable Sims ever with new, intuitive design tools." It seems like you'll be able to tweak every detail about your Sim, from the usual parameters like personality and aspirations, all the way down to the way they walk. Craziness.

These new Sims will also act more naturally and can express a range of emotions. This should help you tell stories with more depth, if that's what you're into. You'll also be able to earn "new objects, outfits and traits by completing events, discovering collectables and unlocking achievements." And hey, who wouldn't want to free stuff just by playing the game?

You can check out all of the supposedly leaked screens on AllGamesBeta. Let us know what you think of this next chapter in the Sims series and whether or not you're looking forward to it.