Warner Bros. kicked off the DCEU portion of their Comic-Con panel (which is currently underway) with a sizzle reel featuring the titles of the studio’s upcoming superhero films, including Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam!, Green Lantern Corps., and more. But the most interesting title belonged to The Flash, as WB. has apparently given Ezra Miller’s long-developing solo adventure a new name: Flashpoint.

That title might not mean much to casual superhero fans, but the more dedicated DC Comics enthusiasts among you definitely know what’s up. But first, here’s the full roster of upcoming DCEU film titles featured in WB’s promo reel at Comic-Con:

The news comes straight from Hall H, and although I’ve seen several of my journalist pals calling it “Flash Point” (two words), it’s gotta be Flashpoint, right?

Flashpoint debuted in 2011 and takes place in an alternate DC timeline where everything’s just a little bit wonky — and Barry Allen is seemingly the only one who realizes it. Cyborg — not Superman — is the most revered superhero in the world, while Superman is being held hostage as a lab rat in an underground facility run by the U.S. government. In this timeline, Thomas Wayne lived and became Batman; his son, Bruce, died instead.

It would definitely be an exciting storyline for The Flash’s solo movie, and one that allows the DCEU to take some creative liberties while also playing around with two of Barry Allen’s favorite subjects: time travel and physics.

We’ll have more updates from Comic-Con as the DCEU panel continues.

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