Reason to not be excited for 'The Host': it's based on a novel by Stephanie "Twilight" Meyer, who, for all of her success, really can't write or plot her way out of a paper bag. Reason to be excited for 'The Host': it was adapted and directed by Andrew Niccol, a man who, despite his duds, still made 'Gattaca' once upon a time. Now, two new featurettes about the film have emerged...will they change anyone's mind about the film?

Nope. These are pretty boilerplate promos, but if you're excited for 'The Host' or just want a little taste of the production, they're perfectly entertaining fluff.

Each of the videos (which are embedded below courtesy of Coming Soon) spotlights a specific actor and the character he or she is portraying. The first of them centers on the ever-busy and incredibly talented Saoirse Ronan, who plays a young resistance fighter in a world overrun by aliens that erase the minds and control the bodies of their victims (this movie is pretty much 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' for tweens, huh?). The second video focuses on Max Irons, who plays the man in love with her.

Both videos follow a similar structure: the plot of the film is recapped, the actors talk about their character and then they describe a challenging day on set. Ronan describes leaping off a balcony for one of her own stunts and Irons describes how incredibly difficult it was Irons, please hand your Man Card to Ronan, please.

'The Host' opens on March 29th.