If you're looking for an incredible story to tell, look no further than 1920s United States. As the new trailer for James Gray's 'The Immigrant' makes abundantly clear, few time periods have been so complex, so strange and so simultaneously beautiful and ugly. Although it played the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, this project has been laying pretty low. However, now that we've seen the slightly NSFW French trailer, we can't wait to see the final film.

Marion Cotillard stars as the titular immigrant, who arrives on Ellis Island in 1921 only to see her sister immediately deported. She soon falls into the clutches of a charming but malevolent Bruno (Joaquin Phoenix), who forces her into a life of prostitution. However, a dramatic triangle is formed when Bruno's cousin (Jeremy Renner) shows up, promising to deliver her into a better life.

It's a fairly typical dramatic template, but it's set against such a fascinating backdrop and populated with such incredible actors that it's hard to not be interested in what 'The Immigrant' has to offer. Aside from the trio of award-winning thespians, the film looks gorgeously shot, pulling a 'Godfather Part II' and looking like an old photograph that's somehow come to life.

'The Immigrant' doesn't have a North American release date quite yet, but with that cast, we imagine it'll be available to watch sooner rather than later. IndieWire suggests it'll hit theaters in the spring of 2014.