September 14 is less than a month away, but it seems that Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' can't keep itself locked up. For the fourth time in the last month, it's screening early (this time in San Francisco), and for the second time as a benefit for The Film Foundation. And with that announcement comes a new clip.

The film will be playing at the Castro theater tomorrow night in 70mm. Tickets can be purchased here. This clip shows Joaquin Phoenix running around the dock looking for his boat.

Many are suggesting 'The Master' will be a big contender for Oscars this year, and it seems likely as 'There Will Be Blood' also scored a number of nominations (though Anderson's previous films went largely ignored by the academy). But where many other contenders try to build steam with festivals and high profile early reviews, 'The Master' has not been playing those games. Which may work to the film's advantage at the end, but the year isn't over, and Oscars are partly about politics anyway (even if we can't help but watch them)

The film opens September 14, with a number of engagements in 70mm, though those locations are mostly limited to the bigger cities. Here's the clip: