We've gotten a teaser and a trailer from Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming film 'The Master,' but we were sold on the intriguing concept long before that. Now the film has a rather alluring official poster in preparation for its impending release.

The poster premiered over at Yahoo! Movies and is purely hypnotic, with images of stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Joaquin Phoenix printed as if we're staring at them through a kaleidoscope or a gem. It's almost as dizzying as the teaser and trailer, which have given us a taste of the haunting score from Jonny Greenwood (his previous work for Anderson has been equally stunning) and an enigmatic glimpse at the compelling story.

The film, inspired by L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, follows a charismatic leader played by Hoffman, who comes across a troubled drifter (Phoenix) whom he takes under his wing and grooms to be a leader in the religion he's created post-World War II. As more people join the faith-based organization, the drifter starts to question his loyalty, the religion, and the man who created it.

'The Master' also stars Jesse Plemons of 'Friday Night Lights' fame, David Warshofsky, and Rami Malek and hits theaters in October.