Director Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film seemed like one we might never see, but thanks to Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures, Anderson's vision finally became a reality. Fresh out of Cannes, this teaser trailer for 'The Master' is divine.

The teaser features the familiar, deliberate quiet we've come to associate with Anderson's work, with a score that hits your brain like an ice pick and instills a keen sense of vigilance. That's some powerful stuff to say from a trailer that runs less than two minutes, but Anderson's work is serious business.

'The Master' stars Anderson mainstay Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd, an L. Ron Hubbard type who begins his own religion in the 50s. Joaquin Phoenix (featured in the trailer) plays a younger drifter whom the charismatic Dodd begins to groom as his right-hand man. Those familiar with the story of Hubbard and his disciples will no doubt find the similarities stirring here.

We only see Phoenix in the trailer below, but he seems to be playing a character of minimal intelligence and someone who is easily manipulated.

Anderson's latest opens later this year on October 12, but you can watch the trailer now: