Any gamers hoping for more free-to-play games while watching E3 got their wishes granted with the unveiling of Ubisoft's The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.  Watch the trailer to see not only an explanatory video about the mechanics of the gameplay, but also a hilarious behind the scenes reel!

Players are able to design levels in order to house the treasures that they loot from the rival houses (other players) of Opulencia. You will need to protect your treasures from thieves by surrounding the treasure in your castle with various types of monsters and traps. Players that succeed in raiding a house will not only be able to loot your riches, they can leave derogatory messages as seen in the comedic final scenes of the trailer.

Anyone wishing to create their own dungeons, or who enjoy watching other players fail in succeeding, will have the chance the prove themselves in Ubisoft's free beta. While no finalized date has been set, we expect to see this F2P showboating extravaganza open to the public exclusively on PC sometime in Q4 2013.