Few horror franchises have bottomed out quite as quickly as 'The Ring,' which went from one of the scariest movies of the '00s to one of the worst horror sequels ever made. How bad was 'The Ring Two'? It took a series that felt like a sure thing and put it into hibernation for the better part of a decade. But you can only keep a well-dwelling, VHS-loving, long-haired girl ghost down for so long! We knew that 'The Ring 3D' was in the works, but now an Academy Award winning screenwriter is being brought on board to work on the script.

And that writer (via Deadline) is Akiva Goldsman, the ever-controversial scribe whose name is attached to everything from 'A Beautiful Mind' to 'Batman and Robin.' Recently, he wrote and directed the hypnotically awful 'A Winter's Tale,' but he has his fair share of experience in the horror genre, having executive producer credits on a handful of the 'Paranormal Activity' films.

Although few screenwriters are primed to get movie fans arguing more than Goldsman, his hiring suggests that Paramount doesn't see 'The Ring 3D' as some cheap knock-off. The mere fact that a writer with name recognition and at least some prestige is rewriting the screenplay is evidence that Paramount wants to resurrect this series properly. As you may recall, the original 'The Ring' was directed by none other than Gore Verbisnki. If you want to make a splash, sometimes you have to hire the big names.

There is no estimated release date for 'The Ring 3D' yet, but 'After the Fall' director F. Javier Gutierrez is on board to direct.