In 2002, a movie terrified a generation with seven simple words: “Before you die, you see the ring.” The ring of ‘The Ring,’ this creepy video tape (and the weirdo ghost attached to it), was based on a Japanese novel and subsequent movie adaptation but went on the great success and acclaim in its own right. (Many, this writer included, actually prefer Gore Verbinski’s American version to the original.) A not-so-hot sequel followed and then, well, nothing. Maybe the idea of a VHS tape that kills everyone who watches it started to lose its cache after VHS went extinct. Just a guess.

But Paramount is bringing ‘The Ring’ back (presumably with a high-tech update; probably a YouTube video, if I had to guess), and TheWrap reports the film has a title and a leading lady. Italian actress Matilda Lutz will star in the reboot, which is called ‘Rings.’ It’s like the most literal viral video ever, you guys.

Naomi Watts, star of the first two American ‘Ring’ movies will not appear, but Samara, their iconic, long-haired ghost girl will. The project is being spearheaded by F. Javier Gutiérrez, the director of ‘Before the Fall’ who was previously attached to the reboot of ‘The Crow.’ Lutz you may know from the Italian television series ‘Fuoriclasse,’ but only if you spend a lot of time watching Italian television.

That’s about it in terms of concrete news. But since I accidentally saw a bunch of pictures of ‘The Ring’ while putting this post together I’m nervous. You know what they say about people who see ‘The Ring.’ The only way to survive is to pass the tape along to someone else. So just to be safe, LOOK OVER HERE RIGHT NOW:

The Ring video

Sorry, I had no choice.