The news of The Sims 4 coming next year has probably gotten a lot of fans very excited. Now, a new game is great and all, but what about all of the hard work and time fans have invested in The Sims 3?

Unfortunately, Maxis has confirmed with that content from The Sims 3 won't be transferable to The Sims 4. Producer Ryan Vaughan said, "We have brand new technology driving the game so unfortunately none of that carries over. Especially with the new tools; it's a whole new way of building your Sims and building your families so it doesn't carry over."

Somewhat fortunately, Vaughan said that the new Create-a-Sim tools might let players recreate their old characters in a short amount of time since they're "really tactile and creative."

So if you're still playing The Sims 3, you'll want to spend some extra quality time with your families before you have to say goodbye to them next year when The Sims 4 is released.

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