ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, get seduced by some movie posters, see "Mark Wahlberg" as Iron Man and preview the soundtrack for 'Gravity.'

- 20 movie posters that look like they want to seduce you. [Next Movie]

- A preview for 'Enough Said,' starring the late James Gandolfini. [Moviefone]

- Does 'Gravity' live up to the hype? Yes. []

- The 15 greatest video game super moves. [Arcade Sushi]

- Go behind the scenes of 'The Family' with this NSFW featurette:

- GIF proof that Bill Nye will win 'Dancing With the Stars.' [TheFW]

- What would 'Iron Man' look like if it starred Mark Wahlberg? Like this:

- The 5 most likely 'Breaking Bad' spin-offs. [GuySpeed]

- Preview 20 minutes of the 'Gravity' soundtrack.

- Is Lady Gaga coming to 'SNL'? [StarCrush]

- Check out the first trailer for 'The Death of Superman Lives,' which chronicles that time when Nicolas Cage almost played superman.

- A stop-motion recreation of the '60s 'Batman' series opening credits. [Comics Alliance]

- And the award for the most terrifying movie poster of the year goes to...


- 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,' starring Spider-Man.

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